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The division is responsible for a large number of courses in bachelor education. The division teaches mainly in building technology and practical building physics. In order for our students to have a stable theoretical foundation and the latest knowledge in the subject area, both building technology and building physics are included in our course activities.

Within the Civil Engineering program, we conduct an annual course at the bachelor level and four voluntary courses.

At the Helsingborg campus, we are responsible for a total of three courses for those who follow the three-year university engineering education in construction technology with architecture, two of which are compulsory.

Within the surveying program at LTH in Lund, the division is responsible for two courses, where one is compulsory and the other is elective.

For the fire engineering education at LTH, the division provides a compulsory course in house construction technology for year 1.

Within the architecture program, we carry out an annual compulsory course for year 2.

The division is also responsible for one course, and participates in other courses within the Master's program "Energy-efficient and Environmental Building Design", which is a two-year education with students coming from all over the world.

We are also involved in a number of other courses as lecturers both inside and outside LTH.

Through the division's continuous participation in Fuktcentrum's operations, since its start in 2000, we also help training consultants and contractors to raise the general level of education and to reduce the proportion of moisture-related damages.

For a number of years, and with funding from the EU, the division has successfully initiated and started a number of Master’s programs in countries such as Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, Bhutan, Russia, several Central Asian countries and at three universities in Mongolia. All programs have themes related to Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Renewable Energy and/or Green Energy Technologies.

We also offer degree projects in Building Physics for students who have followed our advanced courses. These are linked either to ongoing research or to companies in the industry. Own ideas for degree projects are also welcome.

The majority of our courses are carried out in close collaboration with the Division of Building Services.