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Research and publications

The division's research is about theoretical and practical building physics as well as the application of the subject through the development of building technology. The primary purpose is to combine building materials into well-functioning building components and buildings that are healthy for people to stay in for a long time. In order to have a sustainable society, our research must also include issues in the public construction sector that affect climate change, environmental impact and reduced use of, above all, finite resources.

Since only a small part of the total building stock consists of new constructions, it is important to refine the existing buildings as much as possible during renovation, extension and conversion so that they meet the same requirements as possible for new buildings. However, the improvement must take place without sacrificing antiquarian, aesthetic, architectural and other properties that must be preserved in the existing buildings. In order for energy efficiency measures to achieve their goal, it is therefore important to consider a holistic approach so that reducing the energy use does not result in undesired side effects such as moisture damage.

The division also runs projects for new buildings where passive houses or plus energy house are common concepts. Also, continuous research and development in these buildings are important, as it is not always possible to extrapolate existing knowledge and experience to buildings that have in some respects changed radically.

The collaboration within Fuktcentrum has also influenced the division's research activities, as the center's regular contact with the business community has given rise to many projects to improve moisture safety in both existing and newly produced buildings.

As with the bachelor education, many projects are carried out in collaboration with the Division of Building Services.